Wagner Flexio 2000 HVLP Sprayer- Top Rated Review 2021

The Wagner Flexio 2000 HVLP Sprayer is a great sprayer for home projects and only a bit more. If you keep your expectations realistic, you’ll find that this is a sprayer with a lot of value, and as long as you aren’t trying to paint houses regularly with it, you’ll find that it does the job pretty well.

This is the sprayer I decided to get my hands on when I was repainting a couple of rooms in the house. It’s affordable,light, and easy to use. In this Wagner Flexio 2000 review, I’ll be laying out everything you need to know about this sprayer. From its features, all the way to the thing it can and can’t do.

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Wagner 052986 Flexio 2000 HVLP Sprayer

“It’s easy to use, gives you a lot of control”

Product highlights:

  • Cleaning in 5 minutes
  • Material adjustment with numbered settings….

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Pros & Cons Of The Wagner Flexio 2000 Sprayer

Pros: Flexio 2000 review

  • Distributes the paint evenly and slowly
  • Numbered pressure control settings
  • Doesn’t need an air compressor
  • The half pint cup can paint and area of 10 x 12 feet


  • Build quality could be better
  • Exterior paints need to be thinned a lot, which could mean more work

Features Of The Flexio 2000 HVLP paint Sprayer

Now that we’ve taken a quick look at the pros and cons, it’s time to dive into the details of this sprayer.

One-And-A-Half Quart Paint Cup

One great feature of this product is the paint cup that it comes with. The paint cup allows you to bring the paint gun with you up ladders or get into the hard-to-reach places without having to worry about a hose getting in the way.

The paint cup can hold one and half quarts of paint. With the way this sprayer works, that can cover up to 10 x 12 feet. Not only does this help you save on paint, it also saves you the trouble of constant refilling.

Having a paint cup as opposed to a hose also means maneuvering and controlling the gun is easier, which makes the Flexio 2000 sprayer great for beginners.

Plastic Build

The build of this product could be better, but considering how affordable this sprayer is, that can easily be forgiven. While most of the components of the gun are made of plastic, that doesn’t mean it isn’t durable.

The plastic material used in the design of this sprayer is heavy duty and will do a great job of keeping the sprayer safe. However, make sure to store it right, if you leave it in an area where it gets a lot of sunlight, it could cause the plastic to dry up and become brittle.

iSpray Nozzle

One of my favorite features of this paint sprayer is the nozzle. While I have painted rooms and interiors before, I was far from a professional.

But the iSpray nozzle that comes with this sprayer is designed to prevent overspraying (which is exactly what I was scared of doing). It allows for a much smoother finish.

This is great for beginners or regular home DIY-ers because it allows you to have a professional looking finish on whatever surface you’re painting.

And if you pair that with the lightweight of the gun, it’s easy to see why this is a favorite pick for beginners.

Easy Cleanup

Since the iSpray Nozzle prevents you from overspraying, there will be less to wipe off when the job is done. Especially when you’re using the right cleaning materials. The sprayer itself is also easy to clean.

It has a lock-n-go split design. The plastic case separates into five parts that makes cleaning the sprayer really easy. No job is complete until cleanup is done, and you can clean this sprayer in less than five minutes.

Easy And Quiet Use

The Wagner Flexio 2000 only weighs 6 lbs. That is another reason it’s so easy to use and maneuver. However, aside from having a relatively smooth learning curve, another thing I really liked about this sprayer is how quiet it was.

I was ready to have the sprayer blasting really loud and unpleasant sounds that would wake up the whole family. I was happy to find out that while it made a sound, it wasn’t that abrasive which made painting rooms a much more pleasant experience.

What Is This Sprayer Good For?

This sprayer is ideal for home projects. Repainting a shed, changing a color of room, or painting a deck would be projects that this sprayer can handle easily. Though I would say the best use of this sprayer is for interior projects.

It’s an affordable sprayer, not a heavy duty one. So don’t expect to be repainting houses and starting a business with this model. But if you’re just looking for a tool that can handle your personal painting projects, then this might be your best bet.

Customer Reviews

Before I went out and got this sprayer, I had to check out what other customers had to say about it. Customers all over the internet were pleased with the performance of this sprayer.

They were quick to point out all the control you have over the pressure and how that can make things so much easier, especially for beginners.

Some people didn’t really like the plastic build and design, but considering that it isn’t an industrial paint sprayer, it’s easy to give it a pass.

And as long as you store it right and take care of the sprayer, the plastic build is nothing to worry about.


1. Can I Use This Sprayer To Paint A House?

You can use this sprayer to paint a house, but it isn’t recommended. The sprayer might not have enough power and you might end up having to do more work than necessary.

2. Can I Spray Unthinned Paint?

For sprayers like this, most materials will have to be thinned before you can spray them. Exterior paints would require a lot of thinning, which could also result in you needing to apply more coats of paint.

3. How Much Paint Does This Sprayer Use?

The paint economy of this sprayer is great. Not only can you paint a room much quicker, you can also paint it using much less paint than if you used a brush or roller.

A 1 and a half quart refill on this sprayer can paint an area of up to 10 x 12 feet.

4. Is This Sprayer Heavy?

No, the sprayer only weighs 6 lbs and is easy to carry around.


So there you have it. An in-depth look at the Wagner Flexio 2000, arguably one of the best paint sprayers for home projects on the market today. If used for small interior projects, this tool is a dream.

It’s easy to use, gives you a lot of control, and doesn’t overspray.

And while it might not be the right pick if you’re looking for an industrial-grade sprayer, it will definitely handle all your home painting jobs with ease.